What is the difference between a mini, midi and a maxi dress?

The difference between
, and long-length dresses is the length. The mini length is the shortest style. Midi-length dresses fall just below the knee and end at the top of the calf. Maxi dresses are ankle length and long dresses, also known as ball gowns, are maximum length dresses.
In the late 50s, dress lengths started to get gradually shorter, allowing women to stride more confidently or even run without being hindered by a long dress. The actual invention of the mini-length dress is credited to a British fashion designer named Mary Quant, who launched a range of miniskirt length dresses during the 1960s.
A popular misconception is that the term ‘mini’ is short for miniature when referring to dress lengths. However, the designer had named the style after her beloved car, which was a Mini.
Since the time it was launched, the mini has remained a popular length for dresses that can be adapted for formal and informal occasions.